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Laurey Churchill Collection:
The Laurey Churchill Collection offers the discerning consumer fine woven leather or pointillism leather in brown and black on silver, gold or black satin castings in shapes of rectangles, squares, circles, ovals and cup handles. Here we have three pulls and three knobs in seven combinations. This collection is not only a feast for the eyes but is a tactile pleasure for your hands.

View Laurey Churchill Collection

Laurey Atlantis Collection:
This collection will thrill anyone with fantasies of pirate ships filled with gold bullion, leopard-like designs, tigers' eyes and the inside of conch shells all made from oyster and mother of pearl in castings of burnished silver, gold and black. For each knob a matching pull is available as well. 'To see is to believe' - treat yourself to viewing this gorgeous collection, as it is remarkable.

View Laurey Atlantis Collection

Laurey Acrystal Collection:
This is a sparkling acrylic crystal Laurey collection available in knobs and pulls that will pick up light and refract beautifully. The pulls vary in size as do the knobs and metallic finishes of gold and silver. A diamond like cut is available for the knobs and a wave like twist for pulls. This collection is stunning and will fulfill your need for light and subtle rainbows in rooms requiring that extra dash.

View Laurey Acrystal Collection

Laurey Diva Collection:
Show off high tech, curved cabinet knobs and pulls with The Diva Collection! Gently curved in a wave-like ‘motion in metal’, this collection’s finishes are available in Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Stonewashed Bronze. Your cabinets will be justly complemented for years to come.

Laurey Diva Collection:

Laurey Au Natural Collection:
These 'Au natural' knobs and pulls are carved from the finest of hardwoods. Here we have classic mushroom knobs to exotic square and oval shaped knobs as well as a unique rectangular cup pull. This Laurey collection is deceptively simple until seen in perspective with your wonderful cabinetry or furniture.

View Laurey Au Natural Collection

Laurey Capri Collection:
The jeweled accents of these gorgeous pulls bring to mind sunny Italian vacations filled with food, romance and leisure. Yet, like so many of the Laurey Collections, this collection is made in The U.S.A.! Feast your eyes on pulls of polished silver with gold accents, satin brass in polished silver, antique pewter with copper, satin brass and silver with gold accents. Each pull has wave like twists much like jewelry shown in high - end magazines and billboards.

View Laurey Capri Collection

Laurey Celebration Collection:
A lovely Laurey cabinet hardware collection in white, oil rubbed bronze, satin chrome and polished brass. Simple mushroom knobs to classic round shapes and pulls with a lovely 'lions foot' accent are featured. This collection is simple yet eclectic and offers the consumer classic elegance.

View Laurey Celebration Collection

Laurey Cimarron Collection:
For those consumers who adore all things western, Laurey offers you the Cimarron knob and pull collection of four etched western designs in three hand finishes. Cup handles, pulls and knobs of satin silver, brushed silver or copper offer the backdrop to exquisite etching of unique western patterns.

Laurey Cimarron Collection:

Laurey Classic Traditions Collection:
This is an extensive collection that must be viewed because almost every knob and pull that one can term 'classic' is presented in this Laurey family. A must see collection of knobs, pulls, back plates and cup handles in two finishes of gold or antique brass. Many designs are unique yet classic and must be seen in light of your specific cabinet choice. This is the wonder of Laurey Collections: choice and more choice!

View Laurey Classic Traditions Collection

Laurey Classico Collection:
The discerning consumer will find in the Laurey Classico collection six timeless designs of pewter knobs and pulls providing an almost ancient context for our modern times. This is a unique collection that will please those consumers seeking the finest in old-world craftsmanship.

View Laurey Classico Collection

Laurey Colonial Collection:
The Laurey Colonial Collection presents us with a truly American cabinet hardware tradition. Find antique copper or black finishes for flush mounts, pulls and knobs in the tradition of Colonial America.

View Laurey Colonial Collection

Laurey Danica Collection:
Do you lust after all things modern yet are overwhelmed by so many available choices? Look no further than the Laurey Danica knob and pull collection. Here the consumer will find three perfectly simple designs of a mushroom knob, a cup handle and a gorgeous cylindrical line pull in a highly polished chrome finish. All confusions banished and gone!

View Laurey Danica Collection:

Laurey Delano Collection:
The Laurey Delano collection offers extensive modern cabinet hardware choices. Here you will find finishes of polished chrome, venetian bronze, oil rubbed bronze, brushed satin nickel and black nickel for your delectation. The Laurey Delano Knob and Pull Collection offers no less than nine pulls and five knobs to choose from!

View Laurey Delano Collection

Laurey Falling Waters Collection:
Not quite sure where you stand between art deco and traditional design choices? The Laurey Falling Waters Pull Collection is a transitional collection of pulls between those two rich time periods. The hammered antique pewter finish is just striking!

View Laurey Falling Waters Collection

Laurey First Family Collection:
This is an extensive collection of gorgeously finished metals with porcelain and wood inserts. Some of these porcelain pulls and knobs have delicately hand crafted floral bouquets that are a bit of Victoriana on white or ivory porcelain. Others have cherry wood or oak inserts. Finishes are available in oil rubbed bronze, polished pewter, or light brass.

View Laurey First Family Collection

Laurey Geo Collection:
The Laurey Geo Knob and Pull Collection is an always tasteful collection of four gently curved designs in flat pewter and gleaming polished chrome. This collection boasts tiny pin points in perfect geometric lines that remind one of classic games from ancient times.

View Laurey Geo Collection

Laurey Georgetown Collection:
The Laurey Georgetown collection offers budget friendly choices of four totally different pull designs and two knobs with a back plate. This traditional collection is finished in lustrous satin pewter. A magnificent collection for the budget- minded with discerning tastes.

View Laurey Georgetown Collection

Laurey Gleaming Solid Brass Collection:
The Laurey Gleaming Solid Brass Collection offers hand crafted designs by world class cabinet hardware artisans. Knobs and mix and match pulls are available with crystal inserts, black chrome with brass ends, chrome with brass ends and solid brass. This collection is extensive and requires one to examine it carefully as it pleases both the eye and hand.

View Laurey Gleaming Solid Brass Collection

Laurey Kama Collection:
This Laurey Collection is called 'Kama' which means 'Divine' in Japanese. When you examine The Laurey Kama Collection, you will know why it is said to be 'divine!' Here you will find four pulls and four knobs in five finishes that are crafted and hand finished in antique pewter, oil rubbed bronze, antique silver, matte black and rust.

View Laurey Kama Collection

Laurey Division Collection:
This suite of Euro-Modern knobs and pulls is sure to standout on your kitchen and bath cabinets. Finishes for The Division Collection are available in Matte Black, Polished Chrome, and Steel.

View Laurey Division Collection:

Laurey Castle Creek Collection:
Laurey is now offering The Castle Creek collection for your kitchen and bath cabinetry hardware. It promises to be an instant classic with distinctive Western appeal. Crafted by hand, The Castle Creek Collection offers a jewelry-like knob and two pulls, one rectangular and the other with a slight oval center. This design is highly etched and distinctive. Pewter, Antique Silver, Venetian Bronze and Weathered Nickel finishes give the consumer a custom look that will delight for years to come.

View Laurey Castle Creek Collection

Laurey Milan Collection:
The Laurey Milan Collection offers three knobs and three pulls in finishes of antique pewter, rust and satin chrome. This lovely and simple collection will go with any cabinet design selection and will be a joy to eye and hand for years to come.

View Laurey Milan Collection

Laurey Milky Way Collection:
This is a delicious collection of round and square pulls in caramel and chocolate finishes. This is such a unique and yummy collection that it must be seen to be understood.

View Laurey Milky Way Collection

Laurey Mission Bay Collection:
The ever popular basket weave design is implemented by Laurey to offer an extraordinary collection of knobs and pulls in unique shapes and design, including woven knobs in celtic squares and ovals. Finishes are available in antique pewter and rust, the perfect finishes for Laurey's Mission Bay!

View Laurey Mission Bay Collection

Laurey Modern Standards Collection:
Here you will find four perfect, gently curved pulls with matching circular and flat knobs. There is also a pull that is fuller, yet also curved, that will shine in complement with either the chrome or stainless steel knobs. Altogether the modernist in you may choose from six pulls and knobs. Three finishes that complement all modernists' desires are offered such as Antique Brass, Chrome or Polished Brass.

View Laurey Modern Standards Collection

Laurey Flair Collection:
Fun and Fabulous! Try the Flair Collection on for size. Four finishes are available for these jewel-like knobs and pulls. Antique Pewter, Antique Copper, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze move this collection through several historical periods.

View Laurey Flair Collection

Laurey Monte Carlo Collection:
Enjoy your travels to the Monte Carlo Laurey Hardware Collection! A sophisticated grouping that has fine etched designs on luxurious metals in five different finishes like Brushed Satin Nickel, Gold, Satin Pewter, Satin Bronze or Satin Nickel.

View Laurey Monte Carlo Collection

Laurey Mykonos Collection:
The Laurey Mykonos Collection offers four knobs and pulls in five sophisticated finishes: Venetian Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Pewter, Satin Nickel, and Satin Brass . This ornate cabinet hardware suite evokes the ancient yet sexy appeal of the Greek Isles .

View Laurey Mykonos Collection

Laurey Nantucket Collection:
This collection needs to be perused slowly to observe how knots and ropes have informed Laurey's Nantucket design. Glorious varieties of shapes that cross all design categories while remaining truly 'Nantucket' offer you sailors' rope and knot designs as well as modern to traditional designs that are a must see.

View Laurey Nantucket Collection

Laurey Native Romance Collection:
Laurey Native Romance knobs and pulls offer finishes of Honey Brass and Silverado to complement a uniquely American aesthetic. Two pulls and one knob express the best of American Design.

View Laurey Native Romance Collection

Laurey Foundry Collection:
This industrial inspired hardware collection will bring that classic vintage look into the 21st Century! Check out finishes like Matte Black & Matte Black with Terra Cotta Wash, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Pewter and Antique Copper.

View Laurey Foundry Collection

Laurey Pacifica Collection:
The Laurey Pacifica Knob and Pull Collection offers the discerning consumer wonderful, graceful curves and an evolved geometry in polished chrome and satin nickel. This collection embraces both the traditionalists and modernists amongst us. This is a treat for all who crave elegance within all design periods.

View Laurey Pacifica Collection

Laurey Plastics Collection:
This Laurey Plastics Cabinet Hardware Collection offers classic-modern design choices. Finishes offered are: Sandstone Camel, Black, Moon White, Bone Gray, Red, White, Winter Green, Sandstone Black and Marble Green.

View Laurey Plastics Collection

Laurey Rustica Collection:
The Laurey Rustica Pull and Knob Collection will deeply please those who desire knobs and pulls where Hi-Tech meets the Rustic. This is an extraordinary collection offering Patina and Natural finishes.

View Laurey Rustica Collection

Laurey Richmond Collection:
This lovely Laurey Richmond Hardware Collection is a transitional suite retaining style plus tradition. Here the you will find four knobs and four pulls in two finishes of Satin Pewter and Oil Rubbed Bronze. This is a truly lovely collection that should be seen all stylish traditionalists!

View Laurey Richmond Collection

Laurey Safari Collection:
The Laurey Safari Cabinet Hardware Collection offers a totally unique jungle aesthetic that will add excitement and vivacity to your kitchen cabinetry. Five rectangular pulls and five square knobs are available in a light, medium or dark tortoise, striped zebra and black dot.

View Laurey Safari Collection

Laurey Sirocco Collection:
The Laurey Sirocco Collection offers two pulls and a knob with Moorish accents. The discerning consumer can enjoy a Silverado finish with a soft, smooth black leather accent or a brown textured leather accent. The Dark Bronze finish is available with textured brown leather.

View Laurey Sirocco Collection

Laurey Solid Brass Collection:
The Laurey Solid Brass Knob and Pull Collection is a vast offering of pulls and knobs of lovely and varied designs that are available in finishes of satin chrome, black nickel and polished chrome. Whatever your genre aesthetic may be, Laurey offers you knobs and pulls that will extensively add to your choices.

View Laurey Solid Brass Collection

Laurey Fleur De Lis Collection:
Laurey’s Fleur de Lis Collection offers you a classic touch of European tradition. Every piece is beautifully hand finished. Cabinet hardware for your kitchen and baths will glow with Country French charm. The Fleur De Lis’ two pulls and a knob are designed in the ancient Fleur de Lis design that is seen in museums throughout the world. Finishes such as Brushed Satin Nickel, Antique Silver, Venetian Bronze and Weathered Bronze can grace the Fleur De Lis knob and pulls. This is an elegant collection that will please those seeking kitchen and bath cabinet hardware that must meet the highest of European design requirements.

View Laurey Fleur De Lis Collection:

Laurey Stars and Bars Collection:
Here you will find three star knobs and pulls as well as three bar pulls and knobs in finishes of Polished Chrome and Brushed Satin Nickel accented with fine leather in saddle, chocolate or midnight shades. What a spectacular collection that is a paradox of the serious and lighthearted all at the same time!

View Laurey Stars and Bars Collection

Laurey Tech Collection:
This is a vast collection of modern and industrial style knobs and pulls in varying shapes and sizes. Available finishes include polished brass, black chrome, satin chrome and polished chrome.

View Laurey Tech Collection:

Laurey Tonga Collection:
This is an exquisite collection of round wood knobs etched in designs from three Eastern tribes. Woods are available in Maple, Cherry or Walnut. Designs are circular, spirals, suns and overlapping leaves. Here you will find warmth in unique design for those desiring choices of modern to country aesthetics.

View Laurey Tonga Collection

Laurey Waverly Collection:
Explore this unusually elegant collection of four knobs and four pulls in tasteful designs and finish choices of Satin Pewter, Satin Brass, Brushed Satin Nickel and Gold & finally Satin Nickel. This is an exquisite collection that will please those who hunt for jewelry like metals and design in their cabinet hardware.

View Laurey Waverly Collection:

Laurey Whim-Z Collection:
The Laurey Whim-Z's Fun Knob Collection boasts sports designs of high impact resin in fantastic colors and designs.

View Laurey Whim-Z Collection

Laurey Windsor Collection:
This Laurey Windsor Knob and Pull Collection is home to classic designs that will complement any décor or aesthetic you choose for your cabinets. Finishes are available in Antique Pewter, Venetian Bronze and Weathered Antique Bronze with cross-hatch to leaf designs as well as more subtle patterns.

View Laurey Windsor Collection:

Laurey Santa Fe Collection:
This is a stunning new Laurey collection with a unique Southwest feel in four gorgeous finishes: Brushed Satin Nickel, Antique Silver, Venetian Bronze and Brushed Satin Nickel. Your Southwest kitchen and bath cabinetry can now have pulls and knobs that complement and augment your taste in America’s great Southwest.

View Laurey Santa Fe Collection

Laurey Galley Collection:
This exciting grouping is inspired by a traditional box weave. Enjoy viewing The Galley Collection in its Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. Just perfect for your kitchen and bath pull and knob selections!.

View Laurey Galley Collection:

Laurey Garbow Collection:
Feel the flow with this curvy Garbow Collection. Timeless in design, you can cross several historic periods with a change of finish. Finishes for The Garbow Collection of knobs and pulls are available in Aged Brass, Antique Pewter, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Steel. Your kitchen will be as ageless as The Great Garbow herself!

View Laurey Garbow Collection

Laurey Graffiti Collection:
This casual, eclectic design array of curves and dots will make the most 'blah' of spaces look alive! Finishes for The Graffiti Collection include Aged Brass, Matte Black, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

View Laurey Graffiti Collection:

Laurey Highline Collection:
These gorgeous knobs and pulls are modern with wavelike curves in satin Brass, satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. Highlight your cabinets with these 'Highline' modern designs.

View Laurey Highline Collection

Laurey Lineage Collection:
This fun series of knobs and pulls has a thick cross or 'X' pattern in three unique finishes: Antique Copper, Matte Black with a Terra Cotta Wash, and Antique Pewter with a Bronze Wash.

View Laurey Lineage Collection:

Laurey Merlot Collection:
This beautifully crafted, rustic & tooled series can be found in finishes of Aged Brass, Satin Brass, Antique Pewter, Satin Nickel, Matte Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Your kitchen cabinet hardware will have that aged, yet glowing feel for your very special home.

View Laurey Merlot Collection

Laurey Midtown Collection:
The Midtown Collection offers a beautiful cross-hatched design that has the reminiscence of a busy city center. Your knobs and pulls will be unique with finishes such as Antique Pewter, Bronze, Satin Nickel, Pewter with Bronze and Iron Black / Terra Cotta.

View Laurey Midtown Collection:

Laurey Nevada Collection:
These tooled, rustic beauties of The Nevada Collection will create a vivacious feeling throughout your home. Your knobs and pulls will reflect your excellent taste with beautiful finishes to choose from: Antique Pewter, Antique Copper, Antique Pewter with Bronze and Antique Pewter with Terra Cotta.

View Laurey Nevada Collection

Laurey Paris Collection:
This magnificent collection is available in Antique Pewter, Matte Black, Satin Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. The Paris Collection comes with a round knob and rectangular pull with cross or X pattern. Simply Parisian!

View Laurey Paris Collection:

Laurey Wired Collection:
Electrify your cabinets with the new Wired Collection! These knobs and pulls are gently curved with flat and straight lines that result in a ‘wired’ effect that is oh so modern. Finishes are available in Matte Black, Matte Black with a Terra Cotta Wash, Satin Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

View Laurey Wired Collection

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