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Jeffrey Alexander Dulce Collection:
Feast your eyes upon these nine lovely bracelet pulls with three matching knobs. A gorgeous collection that will grace your kitchen and baths in three exquisite finishes. The Dulce Collection evokes an eclectic and transitional period that you will definitely want to explore when making your cabinet hardware decisions for your home.

View Jeffrey Alexander Dulce Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Cordova Collection:
The Cordova Collection offers twelve pulls with seven knobs in two styles and three finishes. The flexibility of size offered for your pulls and distinctive knobs gives you variation at the right price. The reputation of The Cordova Collections’ traditional style is well deserved with its varying line and curve distinction for cabinet hardware.

View Jeffrey Alexander Cordova Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Durham Collection:
Elegance and tradition describes The Durham Pull and Knob Collection offering four finishes in a generous number of sizes for its pulls and round knobs. You will enjoy the heft of these pulls & knobs in your hands while their lovely design will delight your eyes.

View Jeffrey Alexander Durham Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Chesapeake Collection:
The Chesapeake Collection of Cabinet Pulls and Knobs is an exquisite offering that will solve both budget and beauty issues. The notched round knobs are add an original touch to this pull and knob cabinet hardware collection for your kitchen and baths. Also, check out the original while traditional Swedish Iron finish.

View Jeffrey Alexander Cordova Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Monaco Collection:
The Monaco Collection of kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs is a traditional offering in four finishes. All the knobs and pulls are solid brass, giving a ‘top-drawer’ feel and look to a really well priced collection.

View Jeffrey Alexander Monaco Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Lille Collection:
The Lille cabinet hardware collection is extraordinary in its originality both for the lined, gently curving pulls as well as the knobs with their confectionary-like quality that will delight your eyes. Your decorative hardware needs are given a true treat with The Lille Collection’s offering of two styles of pulls with three available finishes. The knobs are so well matched to the pulls while retaining their own originality.

View Jeffrey Alexander Lille Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Modena Collection:
The Modena Collection of pulls & knobs will utterly delight those of you seeking a modern or contemporary look. Each item features an embedded square design available in two finishes.

View Jeffrey Alexander Modena Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Glenmore Collection:
The Glenmore collection distinguishes itself with a central elongated ‘flower bud’ design in each cabinet pull & knob. This is a traditional collection that will blend into all decorative environments with four gorgeous finishes to choose from. The Jeffrey Alexander Glenmore Collection is priced beautifully to fit your budget as well as your design expectations.

View Jeffrey Alexander Glenmore Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Tuscany Collection:
This is an extremely popular collection featuring birdcage knobs and pulls in three finishes. Achieve that old world, detailed look without breaking the bank.

View Jeffrey Alexander Tuscany Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Zurich Collection:
The Zurich Collection of kitchen & bath knobs and pulls distinguishes itself with a basket-weave style of birdcage design. The weave is more open and expansive than in The Tuscany Collection. There are tremendous mix and match potentials within these two collections that the keen observer is bound to be delighted with.

View Jeffrey Alexander Zurich Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Windermere Collection:
The Windermere Collection of kitchen pulls and knobs is an absolute feast for the eyes of all traditionalists. Windermere features two distinctive pulls that curve gracefully into either a ‘chocolate kiss’ or ‘windblown cloud’ tips. Two subtle finishes are offered that go perfectly to accent this original design contribution from Jeffrey Alexander. Simply exquisite!

View Jeffrey Alexander Windermere Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Palermo Collection:
Grape clusters, leaf swirls and cloud designs are offered in this unusual transitional collection of kitchen pulls and knobs that is called ‘Palermo.’ You will be delighted by the design possibilities enhanced by three finishes.

View Jeffrey Alexander Palermo Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Rochester Collection:
The Rochester Collection is a unique Art Deco Design offering from the cabinet hardware collections of Jeffrey Alexander. Those seeking a modern and contemporary design without sacrificing their traditional leanings will find this Art Deco look perfect for their kitchen and baths. The lines of this collection are detailed and distinctive to both the hand and eye.

View Jeffrey Alexander Rochester Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Titan Collection:
The Titan cabinet hardware collection will delight the modernist in you! Offering two designs in the jewelry-like Silver Nickel Finish, this collection is bold and beautiful. Enjoy your visit into the contemporary and modern world of The Titan Collection. Jeffrey Alexander offers you two distinct knobs that come into combination perfectly no matter your pull choices.

View Jeffrey Alexander Titan Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Regency Collection:
Cloudburst swirls are featured in this gorgeous traditional knob and pull offering. The Regency Collection of pulls and knobs is highlighted by its oval knob design. Offered in three lovely finishes, this cabinet hardware will be a joy for the eyes of all traditionalists seeking only the finest.

View Jeffrey Alexander Regency Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Symphony Collection:
The Symphony Collection brings ‘music’ to cabinet hardware! The gently curving needlepoint-like edging on both the cabinet pulls and knobs will captivate your eyes. Three wonderful finishes expand your traditional – transitional kitchen & bath hardware selections.

View Jeffrey Alexander Symphony Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Bremen Collection:
Utter simplicity comes to mind with The Bremen Collection of knobs & pulls for your traditional kitchen or bath needs. Four luscious finishes ‘strut their stuff’ in a hefty and weighted knob & pull offering. Two different size knobs expand your mix and match possibilities.

View Jeffrey Alexander Bremen Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Milan Collection:
The Milan Collection of kitchen cabinet hardware offers both modernists and traditionalists two mix & match designs. This collection of decorative knobs in four finishes will delight all who have hybrid tastes.

View Jeffrey Alexander Milan Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Key West Collection:
The Jeffrey Alexander Key West Collection is a contemporary Italian style suite of cabinet hardware. The ultra-modernist in you is sure to embrace the Key West collection.

View Jeffrey Alexander Key West Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Key Largo Collection:
Reminiscent of The Key West Collection, The Key Largo Collection includes oil rubbed bronze versions of contemporary bar pulls. These ultra-modern Euro designs are given a distinct warmth by the bronze finish to complement darker tones in your space.

View Jeffrey Alexander Key Largo Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Arcadia Collection:
The Arcadia Collection will delight traditionalists and those seeking a transitional look for their kitchen & bath. Offering extensive finishes to give a distinctive and original look while maintaining a clear design, the bow - like design is memorable without being ‘loud’.

View Jeffrey Alexander Arcadia Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Venezia Collection:
Graceful cup pulls and jewel-like beaded knobs of this wonderful knob and pull collection that is aptly called ‘Venezia’. The cup pulls have a gentle ‘gondola-like’ design. Three finishes give this collection of kitchen and bath cabinet hardware an absolutely gorgeous final touch.

View Jeffrey Alexander Venezia Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Lenoir Collection:
This lovely collection is a simple yet gorgeous offering in five finishes with a knob design that is traditionally appropriate. Your kitchen & baths will be graced by The Lenoir Collection’s elegant rope inlay design and finish of choice.

View Jeffrey Alexander Lenoir Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Bordeaux Collection:
Six finishes are offered in The Bordeaux collection of kitchen knobs. The stunning rounded oval knobs are complemented by elegant cup pulls simple in their Traditionalism.

View Jeffrey Alexander Bordeaux Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Lyon Collection:
The Lyon collection offers a country feel to cup pulls and elongated knobs. An extensive choice of finishes will exponentially expand your options.

View Jeffrey Alexander Lyon Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Florence Collection:
Four finishes are offered in this classic-traditional cup pull & round knob kitchen cabinet hardware collection. Another big hit from Jeffrey Alexander!

View Jeffrey Alexander Florence Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Capri Collection:
If you are after an ultra modern euro look yet want a graceful curve to your cabinet hardware’s design, look no further than the Capri collection. Six pull design variations, five finishes and an elegant knob grace this generous offering. Those who require the most contemporary of designs with expansive mix and match requirements will find exactly that kind of flexibility in The Capri Collection.

View Jeffrey Alexander Capri Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Verona Collection:
The Verona Collection offers delightful, yet playful, elegance for your kitchen or bath. This is an original collection displaying lines both sleek and curved. Your kitchen or bath baths will be modern–as well as elegant-with selections from the knobs and pulls of the Verona Collection.

View Jeffrey Alexander Verona Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Evangeline Collection:
In The Evangeline Collection, The Fleur De Lis graces stunning knob and pull designs. The pull is curved in a twisted rope with the fleur de lis at the edges. Four finishes give each knob and pull a different period feel. Choosing from satin nickel, dark brushed antique copper, antique brushed satin or a bright nickel with a dull lacquer finish will individualize your Evangeline selections.

View Jeffrey Alexander Evangeline Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Curio Collection:
This is a totally unique collection of knobs and pulls consisting of The Ichthus, The Pentacle and The Irish Cross designs. These lovely knobs are available in four finishes: bright nickel with a dull lacquer, antique brushed satin, dark brushed antique copper and satin nickel.

View Jeffrey Alexander Curio Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Amsden Collection:
This is an extensive contemporary collection of oblong knobs & pulls that will please both the traditionalists and modernists amongst us. Finishes like dark machined antique copper, distressed pewter and nickel give the discerning consumer great flexibility in adding that finishing touch to kitchens and baths.

View Jeffrey Alexander Amsden Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Luxe Collection:
These delicately tear-dropped designs on a highly curved pull and round knob are wonderfully fetching with Jeffrey Alexander finishes. Perfectly coordinate with the design and aesthetics of your home, achieving an old world feel with finishes like dark antique copper machined or a euro look with satin nickel.

View Jeffrey Alexander Luxe Collection

Jeffrey Alexander Glendale Collection:
The Glendale Collection will thrill those seeking a totally contemporary to ultra modern kitchen. Feast your eyes on a modernistic square knob and arched pull in three utterly gorgeous finishes of antique brass machined with dull lacquer, dark machined antique copper and Swedish iron machined.

View Jeffrey Alexander Glendale Collection


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