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Century Hardware Apac Collection:
The Century Hardware Apac Collection features traditional design with sleek pulls and knobs in satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Lovely ovals to hold and to see, rectangular shapes and delicate design highlight this must see offering.

View Century Hardware Apac Collection

Century Hardware Aspen Collection:
Antique Pewter, Dull Satin Nickel, Gun Metal and Regent Bronze finishes grace this simply exquisite collection of four arched pulls with matching knobs etched in a subtle leaf pattern design.

View Century Hardware Aspen Collection

Century Hardware Bocci Collection:
With this sturdy collection you get a classic design with designer finishes. The Bocci Collection of knobs and pulls is the perfect accent for a traditionally styled kitchen or bath. Four lovely finishes perfectly accent the lines and curves decorating this magnificent collection.

View Century Hardware Bocci Collection

Century Hardware Cali Collection:
True to its Greek translation of “most beautiful”, the fanned lines of the Cali Collection will bring a touch of beauty to your home. This unusual collection is offered in a finish of Antique Pewter.

View Century Hardware Cali Collection

Century Hardware Dolce Collection:
Distinct design for the high fashion home. This unique collection is ultramodern, yet endearing, adding a designer touch to your furniture or cabinets. Rectangular and circular knobs with carefully etched curved lines are offered to you in finishes of Antique Pewter, Antique Bronze, Antique Copper or Light Oil Rubbed Bronze.

View Century Hardware Dolce Collection

Century Hardware Iris Collection:
This ornamental collection of pulls and knobs evokes memories of an invigoratingly scented fleur de lis. The Century Iris Collection of knobs and pulls are a captivating accent for any home décor. Finishes are plentiful and perfect for this collection that will augment your kitchen or bath with grace and style.

View Century Hardware Iris Collection

Century Hardware Luna Collection:
Finishes of Antique Pewter, Regent Copper, Regent English accent this beautifully contoured collection of pulls and knobs. The Century Luna Collection offers you exquisite finishes and fine design.

View Century Hardware Luna Collection

Century Hardware Metro Collection:
The Metro Collection features euro style pulls that are ultra-modern yet complement a wide variety of home decor. You owe it to yourself to take a look at this outstanding collection.

View Century Hardware Metro Collection

Century Hardware Omega Collection:
Finishes of Regent English, Aged Pewter, Antique Pewter and Regent Bronze highlight to perfection the meticulous spiral details of The Century Omega Collection. These three knobs and three pulls will grace any room.

View Century Hardware Omega Collection

Century Hardware Sunglow Collection:

View Century Hardware Sunglow Collection

Century Hardware Tulip Collection:
The Century Tulip Collection of knobs and pulls brings an ambience of ‘Forever Spring’ into your home with its clean lines and subtle tulip shape. Antique Pewter and Bronze as well as Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes are available in this wonderfully elegant collection.

View Century Hardware Tulip Collection

Century Hardware Whistler Collection:
Beautifully simple in design and available in today's most popular finishes, the Whistler collection of kitchen and bath cabinet pulls and knobs provides the finishing touch to wide variety of designs. We offer this collection in aged bronze and aged iron.

View Century Hardware Whistler Collection

Century Hardware Alps Collection:
Put a bit of whimsy into your kitchen & bath cabinet hardware with these unique terra cotta knobs! A wide variety of finishes in matte and glazes are available. From mushroom to oval, this collection of cabinet knobs affords you a special kitchen or bath that is as unique as you are!

View Century Hardware Alps Collection

Century Hardware Georgian Collection:
Available in multiple styles and finishes, this cabinet hardware collection has been designed as the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen or bath regardless of its style. Oil rubbed bronze, matte satin nickel and polished antique finishes will give you variety that can’t be beat!

View Century Hardware Georgian Collection

Century Hardware Yukon Collection:
These kitchen and bath cabinet hardware pulls have been designed as the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen or bath regardless of your specific style needs. Finishes for your bath or kitchen cabinet pulls are available in oil rubbed bronze, matte satin nickel and weathered bronze/copper.

View Century Hardware Yukon Collection

Century Hardware Baroque and Baroque II Collection:
The Century Baroque knob and pull collection offers finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, brushed black nickel, antique pewter and matte black in styles for a traditional kitchen or bath.

View Century Hardware Baroque Collection

Century Hardware Athena Collection:
Decorative knurling and four beautiful finishes of polished nickel, antique pewter, dull satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze highlight this collection of kitchen cabinet hardware. The Athena Collection of knobs and pulls is guaranteed to complete any of today's most popular kitchen and bath designs.

View Century Hardware Athena Collection

Century Hardware Aztec Collection:
With flavors from the American Southwest, this Aztec cabinet hardware collection will look just stunning in your kitchen or bath! Finishes of aged and antique pewter, satin nickel, aged copper and many more will serve in any application!

View Century Hardware Aztec Collection

Century Hardware Country Collection:
Don't let the name mislead you - a wide variety of knobs and pulls make this the perfect collection for so many of today's top kitchen and bath designs!. Finishes such as weathered nickel, olde iron rust, and vibrant pewter can offer variety and spice to your country look.

View Century Hardware Country Collection

Century Hardware Dynasty Collection:
Moving beyond the standard black lacquer finish, this Asian-influenced knob and pull kitchen and bath cabinet pull and knob hardware collection looks great coming in many different finishes of aged silver, antique silver, aged pewter and antique pewter, aged copper and antique copper as well as aged English and antique bronze. Not your average Asian - influenced cabinet bath and kitchen pull and knob hardware collection.

View Century Hardware Dynasty Collection

Century Hardware Fairmont Collection:
Unique lines and a European influence make this cabinet handle and knob collection applicable to so many design and cabinetry executions. We offer finishes in matte nickel Europe and dull chrome Europe for your selection.

View Century Hardware Fairmont Collection

Century Hardware Glacier Collection:
Cleanly designed, with an added degree of texture, the Glacier kitchen and bath cabinet hardware knob and pull collection will accentuate any design! Available finishes for that special kitchen & or bath cabinet hardware are: weathered pewter, weathered nickel, dull satin, light oil rubbed bronze and antique bronze or copper. A contemporary collection that requires the attention of those seeking pull and knob hardware for their modern taste.

View Century Hardware Glacier Collection

Century Hardware Hamilton Collection:
Recalling the simplicity and elegance of another time, the Hamilton cabinet hardware collection will add an air of elegance and authenticity to any classic kitchen or bath design. For the classicists amongst you, finishes for your Hamilton knobs and pulls are available in aged English, antique bronze, aged copper and more. please!

View Century Hardware Hamilton Collection

Century Hardware Hawthorne Collection:
Cleanly designed with just the right amount of detail, the Hawthorne collection will add interest and functionality to your kitchen and bath. This Century hardware collection of knobs and pulls offers you finishes in aged pewter, German bronze and many others that will elegantly reflect your taste in cabinet hardware.

View Century Hardware Hawthorne Collection

Century Hardware Highlander Collection:
With a nod to its Norse heritage, this cabinet knob and pull collection looks lovely in many of today's popular weathered finishes. This beautifully ornate and traditional collection will make your kitchen and bath splendid for all to admire.

View Century Hardware Highlander Collection

Century Hardware Kentwood Collection:
The Kentwood collection combines the elegance and functionality of a timeless design with the a degree of sophistication. These knobs and pulls are combined with unique and durable finishes of dull satin nickel, German bronze, gun metal, oil rubbed bronze and vintage silver.

View Century Hardware Georgian Collection

Century Hardware Lisbon Collection:
Cleanly designed with just the right amount of designer accents, the Lisbon collection is the right choice for those seeking elegance for their knob and pull hardware needs. Finishes are available in antique pewter, satin nickel, brushed black nickel and brushed antique copper. Think of the possibilities for your kitchens and baths!

View Century Hardware Lisbon Collection

Century Hardware Majestic Collection:
This collection is for those seeking clean lines and interesting metalwork for their kitchen and bath cabinet hardware. See what makes this collection the choice of so many top designers when seeking special knobs and pulls. Finishes are offered in brushed black nickel, dull satin nickel and matte black for that perfect look for your decorative hardware.

View Century Hardware Majestic Collection

Century Hardware Maryland Collection:
Finish and material contrasts highlight this pull and knob collection suitable for so many different applications. Make that kitchen and bath unique with insert applications in a vast selection of finishes such as black nickel, gold plate, black nickel and polished brass.

View Century Hardware Maryland Collection

Century Hardware Medieval Collection:
Simplicity of design accented by unique designer touches and a diverse selection of finishes makes this pull and knob kitchen &/or bath cabinet hardware collection unique at any price point. Our finishes for this cabinet hardware collection for your special needs are available in olde iron rust, dull satin nickel, weathered nickel/copper, vibrant pewter and polished chrome.

View Century Hardware Medieval Collection

Century Hardware Nordic Collection:
Interesting finishes make these Nordic collections for kitchen and bath cabinet pulls and knobs the choice for those seeking to add their own unique finishing touch to their bath and kitchen cabinet pull and knob hardware. Finishes are available in satin nickel with white ceramic, satin nickel and cream crackle, antique pewter and grey crackle, as well as antique pewter with grey crackle. Building from the original Nordic collection, the series II has now been updated with new colors and finishes to reflect the changing tastes of today's buyers in oil rubbed bronze with brown crackle, polished chrome and plain black and polished chrome with white ceramic. These collections are not to be missed!

View Century Hardware Nordic Collection

Century Hardware Orchid Collection:
Elegant textures and compelling finishes highlight this aptly named collection of pulls and knobs. The orchid collection was created with today's sophisticated buyer in mind. Finishes come in gun metal, brushed black nickel, satin nickel, brushed antique copper, antique pewter and brushed antique brass.

View Century Hardware Orchid Collection

Century Hardware Orleans Collection:
Interesting birdcage cabinet metalwork highlights this collection applicable to so many of today's design executions. An absolutely gorgeous collection in finishes of antique pewter, antique brass, natural rust and matte black. Extremely popular, birdcage pulls and knobs for kitchen and bath cabinetry is one of a kind when in your unique home setting.

View Century Hardware Orleans Collection

Century Hardware Plymouth Collection:
A kitchen hardware collection that is beautifully designed with influences from yesteryear. This collection and its many different finishes of polished antique, dull satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and weathered brass will add the finishing touch to your kitchen and bath pull and knob hardware needs.

View Century Hardware Plymouth Collection

Century Hardware Regal Collection:
Regal- The name says it all! Kitchen and bath cabinet hardware that is designed with elegant curves and a smooth finish that feels as good in your hand as it looks in your home are the hallmark of this popular collection. Finishes for that highly praised kitchen or bath knobs and pulls that will be yours come in antique pewter, dull satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

View Century Hardware Regal Collection

Century Hardware Rio Collection:
Virtuosity is central to this vast cabinet hardware collection as its wide variety of finishes of weathered pewter, weathered brass and matte black will add variety to your discerning design needs. These cabinet hardware designs make the Rio collection applicable to almost any design.

View Century Hardware Rio Collection

Century Hardware Roman Collection:
Solid and beautifully created, this substantially designed knob and pull kitchen and bath cabinet hardware collection will add interest and a sense of uniqueness to many of today's designs. Finishes are available in polished antique, antique pewter, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, bright brass and matte satin nickel. A uniquely designed pull and knob cabinet hardware collection for your very special bath and kitchen cabinets.

View Century Hardware Roman Collection

Century Hardware Savannah Collection:
This wrought iron pull and knob collection adds a touch of the old south in finishes of matte black, natural rust and wrought iron. Take a look at these pulls and knobs for that country to early American southern quest.

View Century Hardware Savannah Collection

Century Hardware Stainless Collection:
Extremely sleek, clean lines and bright finishes highlight this very modern kitchen pull and knob collection designed to accent today's modern, yet simple kitchen &/or bath designs. Your brushed stainless steel finish will awe all who visit your home.

View Century Hardware Stainless Collection

Century Hardware Tahoe Collection:
Reminiscent of the sea glass found along our shores, this cabinet hardware collection adds a variety of colors to accent the decor of any room. This glass collection is available in finishes of polished chrome and clear glass, polished chrome/aquamarine, polished chrome/frosted glass, satin nickel/frosted glass, satin nickel/rose glass, satin nickel/sapphire glass, satin nickel/clear glass, polished chrome/ rose glass and satin nickel/ aquamarine glass.

View Century Hardware Tahoe Collection

Century Hardware Tuscana Collection:
Beautifully designed and elegantly cast, the Tuscana collection for kitchen and bath pulls and knobs for your cabinetry is designed with today's tastes in mind. Finishes are available in ancient bronze, antique nickel, weathered brass and matte satin nickel.

View Century Hardware Tuscana Collection

Century Hardware Venus Collection:
Unique ultra modern angles accented by a beautiful matt nickel and dull chrome European finishes, bring a European flair to this collection of quality kitchen and bath cabinet pull &/or knob hardware.

View Century Hardware Venus Collection

Century Hardware Vineyard Collection:
A magnificent grape and leaf design using the elegance, romance and beauty of California's wine country as its influence for these kitchen knobs and pulls. The Vineyard collection features vines and grapes to reflect so many of today's most popular design influences. Finishes are available in antique light brass, antique nickel, and weathered bronze/copper.

View Century Hardware Vineyard Collection

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