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Schaub and Company Hardware Arcadia Collection:
Imagine dinner is over and you are invited to feast on the finest chocolates gently swirled and covered by delicate foils in antique light brass, antique nickel or ancient bronze. Push the image further to see knobs and pulls that can only be described by analogy to confections and you have Schaub Arcadia knobs for the most special of kitchens and baths.

View Schaub Arcadia Collection

Schaub and Company Montcalm Collection:
Solid brass gives beautiful weight to this elegant collection of knobs and pulls that is classical, traditional and always in perfect taste. From cup pulls to floral swirl knobs this collection magically morphs period designs by a change in finish. Consider your options as you move thru time with satin nickel, polished nickel onto the past in antique light polish or oil rubbed bronze.

View Schaub Montcalm Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Corinthian Collection:
Architectural design informs this unique collection by offering knobs and pulls with a fine, ornate detail for your kitchen: the tops of Corinthian columns! In this collection the bronze/cream glazing offers a rustic quality to what are already the most elegant of knobs and pulls.

View Schaub Corinthian Collection

Schaub and Company Casual Elegance Collection:
Four traditional pulls and a knob will dazzle and sparkle in your kitchens and baths. Consider how Glazed Antique White moves this collection into a period atmosphere totally different from that finished in Michelangelo Bronze. Yet another world of possibilities form Schaub for that special home.

View Schaub Casual Elegance Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Bella Forma Collection:
This solid brass collection of jewel-like etched pulls and knobs is dazzling to the eye and a pleasure in the hand. Brushed Nickel, Reddington Bronze and Espresso Bronze can be mixed and matched to achieve lovely individual expressions in your kitchen and bath.

View Schaub Bella Forma Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Versailles Collection:
Designs of crossed rope and floral patterns grace this collection’s solid brass pulls and knobs to span most periods and offers the consumer great flexibility. Finishes are offered in satin nickel, antique pewter, polished brass and antique light polish.

View Schaub Versailles Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Traditional Collection:
If you are seeking knobs and pulls that are traditional but will have distinction in shape and finish, this is a huge collection that should be examined. Finishes such as Aspen Brown, Michelangelo Bronze, to Polished Brass will please anyone with elegant aesthetic taste.

View Schaub Traditional Collection

Schaub and Company Cast Bronze Mountain Collection:
This collection is breathtakingly unique. Rich hues and patinas along with unusual glazes offer those in love with the outdoors a delightful collection of pulls and knobs that are designed to reflect wood textures and acorn shapes. Your kitchens and baths can now reflect your passion for all things outdoors.

View Schaub Cast Bronze Mountain Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Artifex Collection:
Britannium is an alloy that was used in medieval times to make sword handles that now can grace your pulls and knobs in this lovely Artifex collection from Schaub and Company. Natural and Dark Pewter are the perfect finishes for these period-defying pulls and knobs. Your home will glow thanks to this unusual alloy.

View Schaub Artifex Collection

Schaub and Company Kelmscott Manor Collection:
This is a solid bronze collection of unusual heft and old-world charm that, ironically, will be gorgeous in almost any period or tradition you choose for your kitchen and bath cabinet hardware. Antique Iron or Antique Bronze offer a rustic individuality for your cabinetry or furniture.

View Schaub Kelmscott Manor Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Breckenridge Collection:
Bold and beautiful tooling distinguishes the Breckenridge knobs and pulls. Ancient Bronze, Antique Iron and Empire Bronze finishes can give your Breckenridge knobs and pulls that perfect tone to go with all your decorating needs. Tooled back plates for your pulls will augment the distinguished masculinity of this collection.

View Schaub Breckenridge Collection

Schaub and Company Siena Collection:
The Vibra Nickel finish offers this big and significant collection a decidedly European flavor while The Ancient Bronze finish brings the Siena knobs and pulls back in time to the early American tradition. Cup pulls and round, oval to square knobs along with drop pulls in three handsome sizes give variety and old world warmth.

View Schaub Siena Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware French Farm Collection:
Delicate and graceful waves edge the French Farm knobs and pulls that bring France’s Provence region to you in Ancient Bronze or Antique Nickel. This elegant collection will grace your kitchen and baths for years to come with its perfect and tasteful design.

View Schaub french Farm Collection

Schaub and Company Empire Collection:
With The Empire Collection from Schaub & Company you can enter the modern period in Antique, Polished Nickel, Matte Black and Empire Designs Finishes. Or take a careful look at the delightful Empire Collection in Empire Designs Red Finish and consider its Art Deco possibilities. Brushed Bronze and Empire Bronze finishes move the very modern Empire Collection into periods of history that reflect a more traditional time frame in kitchen and baths.

View Schaub Empire Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Manistique Collection:
This small but highly versatile collection from Schaub and Company offers you knobs & pulls in a Tuscany-like grape central pattern. Finishes of Antique Brass, Distressed Bronze, Satin Nickel and Antique Pewter give flexibility and charm to this elegant collection.

View Schaub Manistique Collection

Schaub and Company Charlevoix Collection:
Sturdy and voluptuous curves give the Charlevoix knobs and pulls a handsome and distinctive look that will be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come. Distressed Nickel/Copper, Satin Nickel, Vibra Pewter and Olde Iron/Rust make this a stand-out collection of knobs and pulls to enjoy.

View Schaub Charlevoix Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Rustica Collection:
The Rustica Collection of swirled knobs and pulls is a spectacular collection for those who admire original design from medieval to Americana that requires an all so special old world touch. The Blonde Antique Finish is unique to this collection, along with Schaub's Vibra Pewter, Olde Iron Rust and the slightly more modern Matte Black Finish.

View Schaub Rustica Collection

Schaub and Company Olde World Collection:
This is a collection of kitchen knobs and pulls in that all so desirable birdcage design. Antique Pewter, Natural Rust and Matte Black offer the consumer flexibility across many period traditions. You will love the bird-cage design and its wide applicability for your kitchens and baths.

View Schaub Olde World Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Frankfort Collection:
The Frankfort is a handsome ultra-modern rectangular and elongated pull in three sizes with a finish of Matte Nickel/Chrome. Your ultra-contemporary kitchens and baths will dazzle with this sleek pull.

View Schaub Frankfort Collection

Schaub and Company Stainless Steel Collection:
From ultra-thin to curved and sturdy, from ‘T’ shaped to notched and round, these highly desired Euro pulls and knobs will be just perfect to accessorize your contemporary kitchen, bath, or furniture.

View Schaub Stainless Steel Collection

Schaub and Company Hardware Italian Designs Collection:
French Antique Bronze and Mosaic Finishes offer “bling-bling” knobs and pulls for kitchens and baths as well as smooth jewelry quality & elegance for that oh-so-special room. Also offered within this vast collection are bar pulls in two-tone finishes. If diamond like jewels are your delight or elegant curves turn your head, you will be thrilled with The Schaub Italian Design Collection.

View Schaub Italian Designs Collection

Schaub and Company Michigan Naturals Collection:
A totally unique Great Lakes stone collection of knobs offering stone knobs in delicate white, light neutral, dark gray and greens, mid-range tones with greens ranging from light moss to sage. Your brown stones vary from toffee and taupe to walnut and pale yellow stones moving onto deep gold and muted ambers, raw sienna to mahogany and terra cotta. The Michigan Naturals Collection of knobs also offers delicate pale pink stones to peach, salmon, coral and on to brick red.

View Schaub Michigan Naturals Collection

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